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Fireflies. Crickets. The gentle push of the wind through the treetops. A coterie of VWs meandering up the mountain and around the town. The sweet amen of French toast and sausages in the morning and S’mores Crème Brûlée in the evening. There was meandering and discovery in the quaint and historic town. A tarot card reading. Crystal shopping. Hidden grottoes. And then the crafting held at night, the sharing of stories, of dreams and desires. It was at this gathering of three friends in Eureka Springs, Arkansas that the idea of sharing art with new friends—you, to be exact—was born. It was there, in this little hamlet tucked into the Ozark mountains, that we decided that life had to be lived with art. Lived with women who sought a new energy for their lives, a deeper purpose from the lives they were living—a completeness, perhaps. And here we are, ready to walk with you along your creative pathway, on a journey to help you arrive at the place where your own sense of purpose, your own completeness resides. We are ready to share our ideas, our plans, and our creativity with you. It’s your turn now. Grow with us as we celebrate that first early connection and nurture the connections still yet to be made. It isn’t just serendipity, you know. This time is yours.



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Opening the art kit was like opening a gift to myself full of not only time, but time to be creative without the stress of gathering supplies and figuring out how to complete the project. It's all laid out in an easy to follow video that's fun and relaxing.

- Jennifer N., Kansas

After this project, I felt very inspired to make more and continue creating art. It was fun and easy and so rewarding to have something unique and hand crafted for my own.

- Lauren P., Michigan

The kit is a very easy kit to work with. I enjoyed the simplicity of the project since I am not a very artistic person in my opinion. The "everyday" products that are sitting around in most peoples homes are affordable art tools that we don't really consider art tools. This allows the creator to be more open minded when creating the product. I think if I were to purchase the products, it would be a very cost effective product.

- Amber P., Louisiana

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