Mystic Spring Studios (the “Company”) welcomes the use of our line of digital images by emerging and experienced artists and crafters in their creative pursuits. We provide non-exclusive, limited, non-transferable license to use images purchased under the following criteria:

1.     All creations using the images must be handmade and cannot be reproduced, copied, or altered in any way. Mass or assembly production is expressly forbidden. Pieces that do not reveal substantial contribution beyond the use of the image are also prohibited.

2.     Artworks and hand-made products using our images may be sold by artists and crafters.

3.     We do not believe that artists and crafters ought to be limited in their use of the images that serve them well as long as they abide by the requirements stipulated here.

4.     Our images may not be used to create any products that would be considered branding of any nature or that would constitute unsuitable product for the general public.

5.     Mystic Spring Studios does not assume any liability for disputes that may arise as a result of using the Company’s images.

In a nutshell, we keep our collage image prices low so that your expenses in creating fabulous artwork remain low. Help us keep it that way by meeting the requirements.