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Welcome to our year-long mixed-media course Art Walk Alchemy 2019! The 2019 theme is centered around totems and talismans—those ideas, objects, and emblems that represent something significant in our lives. The 24 lessons (plus several bonus lessons!) will incorporate literal or metaphoric representations in the form of assemblages; journaling; jewelry; masks; watercolor, pastel, and acrylic painting; mono-printing; explosion boxes; collages; spirit dolls; and mixed media. They will be taught by 24 stellar working artists whose art you know and love. This course is suitable for all artistic levels so don’t be shy about joining us. Come meet our artists and see some of the types of art that you will create in this retreat by scrolling down.

When you sign up for this course you will receive:

  • access to 24 professional artists. Each one will be available to answer questions and support your creativity during their lesson.

  • 24 in-depth video lessons (plus some!) in our favorite six art forms: paper art, clay, mixed media, fiber, jewelry, and painting.

  • a creative community of fellow artists with whom you can exchange comments, share your projects, and interact throughout the entire year.

  • downloadable video lessons.

  • a list of supplies for each lesson. Some supplies will be available in our shop so please check it out. We will also highlight any course packs that we offer.

  • an opportunity to pre-order available course packs.

  • surprises and unexpected freebies throughout the year. (Who doesn't love those?!)

For additional questions, please check out our FAQs. You may also contact us any time!

Meet the artists who will share the year with you: 

To learn more about our artists and see what they will be teaching, please CLICK HERE

*Creative Property:  All lessons are considered the intellectual property of the individual artist. Please be respectful of their efforts and avoid teaching, sharing, or presenting their lesson without express consent. The goal for any lesson is to take what you have learned and enhance it into your own artistic style, and we know that you will be amply able to do that with these lessons!

Purchase options available:

Early Bird Installment Plan

If purchased before October 9th, we offer a payment plan of 3 months at $33 each month. Payments will be collected at initial purchase, and then billed to email account on record on 11/9/18 and 12/9/18. Course must be completely paid for before the access is granted

Full-priced Early Bird

Purchase any time before December 31st 2018 and pay only $99.


You may join the course any time after January 1, 2019 for $125

Terms and Policies

*Refund Policy: no refunds will be honored with the exception of cases of extreme emergencies (the final determination rests with Mystic Spring Studios).

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