meet YOUR instructors:


Jennalee Anderson

Born into a family of creative women, I have been creating for as long as I can remember. Drawn towards paper, I started making cards, which later developed into a short scrapbooking stint in college. When I create, there is always a narrative or affirmation. I love incorporating symbols. I have been using messy stitching recently with paper and various textiles. Incorporating stitching adds new depth to a piece and a little more of myself into my project.  The current chapter of my creative journey began when my husband gifted me a Sizzix die cutting machine. Die cutting was completely new to me but it offered a whole new side of paper crafting. I eventually joined Instagram and found mail art swaps, which kept me on my creative toes and helped me find my artist's voice, more mediums, and fascinating projects. Although not complete, I am very lucky and thankful to have a dedicated space in our basement to call my studio and to be able to set up and decorate it as my own. My best artist advice: Don't wait for the perfect space; make what available space you have work for your needs. Likewise, don't be intimidated by any art supply. Experimenting with new products and learning new techniques opens your mind to new ideas and combinations.

Her project: Drawing inspiration from Santos Cage Dolls I plan to alter an artist’s hand manikin. Techniques for the hand will be simple paint and distressing. There will be a small chipboard Santos crown at the base of the manikin aged and rusted using my cinnamon rust technique. I plan to design and incorporate a journaling aspect for the hand to hold. I’m thinking it will be a necklace.



Hello! I'm Melanie of Melanie April Art. I'm an artist, teacher, wife and mum. I live in sunny Sarasota, Florida where I have an epic little studio. I am self-taught and enjoy painting in watercolor, acrylic, and mixed-media (but watercolor is my jam!).

I believe with all my conviction that creating is a need of the human spirit. A fire whose hearth is in our belly. Being able to teach others how to tap into their inner artist is one of the most fulfilling aspects of my work in the world. I believe art connects us in ways words can't and allows us a freedom of expression that heals - heals us, and in turn, heals the world.

Her project: The four elements of fire, water, air and earth are the basis of many magical and spiritual systems. From the Native American medicine wheel to the four suits of Tarot cards, we are reminded of our connection to nature and it’s messages to us. Each element possesses distinct characteristics: colors, emotions and energy. Each one brings with it a new way for us to connect with our lives in a deeper more meaningful way.  Together, we’ll explore them by creating a gorgeous butterfly for each and creating our own ‘totem’ of knowledge… there’s so much to explore through these elements of nature that can expand our thoughts and creativity. Our main ingredient will be watercolor--and I can't wait to show you how fascinating this seemingly simple medium can be.

Lucy Brydon AWA 2019.JPG

Lucy Brydon

Hi! My name is Lucy and I am an artist living in the north east of Scotland. I like to work in a variety of mediums from monoprinting to mixed media to digital art. My work is inspired by nature, but also combines magical and storytelling elements. Semi hidden layers create a feeling of mystery and depth. I am drawn to forests, plants and creatures, with a fairytale twist. I work part time as a primary school art teacher and the other half of my time is spent creating artwork for exhibitions and sales, teaching in person adult classes on gelatin monoprinting and also teaching in online classes, both as a guest teacher and in my own solo classes. I can't wait to see you all in class!

Her project: In my lesson, we will be using the gel plate to create a mono-printed image focusing on plant forms and animal totems and your connection with nature. I will teach you how to create a multi-layered print and you will create your own stencil of your chosen animal. We will also be learning how to use other media to add details to our finished prints.

Toni Burt AWA 2019.jpg

Toni burt

I am a mixed media artist and teacher.  I love to work with 2d and 3d arts and can be found alternating between my art studio one day and pottery shed the next.  My style is loose and organic, spontaneous and free-flowing, I follow my soul and its callings.  I love to scratch and scribble with a piece of charcoal, splash around washes of watercolour, watch it all drip, run and merge into something magical.  Evoking emotions with my art is my ultimate goal, and to align with my spirit during the process.  

Her project: Sacred Earth Bowls – hand-formed and imbued with the spirit of mother earth.  Perfect for your meditation space and to hold small precious items such as crystals and gemstones.  We will use our hands to mold and manipulate clay, add natural earthy tones with stains and dyes, then embellish with recycled and natural found objects to create beautiful bowls that bring you in touch with the earth and her spirit.  A little nature spirit and her serene sweet face will take pride of place as our center point and the soul of our piece.



My name is Zahraa Darweesh Ibrahem.  I'm a 35 years old dentist from Cairo - Egypt.  I started my crafting journey in 2011 and grew to love many types of paper crafting including card making, scrapbooking, interactive pop up cards, mini albums & explosion boxes, art journaling, junk journaling and mixed media. I love stamping and coloring using Watercolors, alcohol markers and my own DIY supplies including alcohol sprays.  As a professional crafter I try to practice new ideas every day to keep up with new techniques and trends. I am also a design team member of 4 craft blogs as I love to inspire others and share my knowledge.

This is an online class teaching you how to make an explosion box with lot of interactive inserts. This course is catered to those who are interested in learning how to make a unique 3D gift: an explosion box full of photos & wonderful memories. In this course you will learn how to make the basic box shape & how to decorate it. You will also be shown different ideas for the inserts that decorate the inside of the box.

Her project: This is an online class teaching you how to make an explosion box with lot of interactive inserts. This course is catered to those who are interested in learning how to make a unique 3D gift: an explosion box full of photos & wonderful memories. In this course you will learn how to make the basic box shape & how to decorate it. You will also be shown different ideas for the inserts that decorate the inside of the box.

Forrest.Christa AWA 2019.jpg

christa forrest

My name is Christa and I truly love sharing my passion. I am a SoulFul artist creating inspiration and motivation to help others see and live their passion. After spending 20 years in a career in finance that was anxiety driven, stressful and starving my true soul to live, I decided to leave the safe and secure corporate, cubicle life to pursue my passion for art and teaching. In the past 4 years, I have led a happier, more fulfilled life and want to share my journey with all of you. I feel art and creativity play an important role in allowing our souls to let go and let in our true selves. We do not have to spend our lives searching for what it is – we can experience it and live it. My journey will always be a work in progress but I want to give back and allow my journey to bless you and help you find and follow your own journey. Let’s grow together!

Her project: This course will explore ways in which we can expand our creative self. We will tap inside to unleash that intuitive Goddess spirit and silence that inner critic.   Creators will make their own 6x12 Goddess figurative portrait on a wood panel.   She can be you, someone that inspires you or just someone that is created intuitively.  We will be using collage, stencils, found objects and layering techniques throughout the lesson to build our Goddess.  Various examples will be introduced based on skill level on how to create your Goddess portrait using stencils, free drawing, and collage. 


Anne Marie Fowler

If it hadn’t been for art, I might clearly have lost my mind after completing my Ph.D in world literature. After graduating, I just couldn’t pick up anything to read because my experience earning the degree exhausted my love of literature. Because of that, for a couple of years, I only read books when I was forced to. However, my fingers needed something new to get into and I quickly embraced jewelry making. From there, I expanded my repertoire to painting, mixed media, journaling, polymer clay, and book making. I have to admit that I mostly love painting with acrylics and designing mixed media pieces, but the thrill of trying all mediums out drives me to keep working with all forms. Ancestor photos, especially cabinet cards, are probably the one go-to element that I most love to use, and I am thrilled by picking up odd pieces of wood and transforming them into art. The art supplies that are my constant go-to supplies are a Uniball white pen, a Gelli Roll black glaze pen, stamps, and stencils. A life-long student, I keep practicing my art, taking courses, and attending conventions to keep up-to-date and in-the-know. I love that I can bring new ideas and techniques to you for your benefit and love of art!

Her project: We will take modern materials and create unique representations of the Fayum portraits. We will work with creating textures and aging our painting, and will create 3D additions that will serve as our totem of memory or reconciliation.

Candice MSS Our Story Photo.jpg


Candice started her artistic journey in the fifth grade when she arrived home one day and promptly announced to her parents that she would like to play the cello. She was a member of the Cheyenne Youth Symphony, the Austin Youth Orchestra, and the SIUE Youth Orchestra. She has won the Leonard Slatkin Award, and was a top performer in the Illinois Music Educator’s Association. As an adult, she is working on several music tracks and has provided background music for several Tai Chi performances. She also engages in the visual arts. Candice won a bookmark competition at the Cheyenne Library when she was in elementary school; has designed tattoos and logo components; and loves to paint, macrame, and bead.

Her project: Her project will center around creating a beautiful macrame wall hanging.



My name is Iris, I am a London-based mixed media artist. I live in the heart of Bloomsbury with my beautiful family (husband, 2 kids & 1 cat). My passion is art journaling for self-expression and self-discovery. I love inspiring people to look further and go deeper through art, so they can really follow their inner creativity. I love making raw and emotional art that is about process more than result. When I make art I want to feel something, and it is so gratifying when my art evokes feelings in others. You can often find me at my art desk pursuing my many arty interests like art journaling, abstract painting, playing with art supplies and making mini journals. Currently my favourite art supplies are: fluorescent pink everything, ultramarine blue, off white & teal paint, Daniel Smith watercolours in Lunar Black, a brayer, a palette knife, black fineliner and red pencil.

Her project: In this lesson I will be sharing how I use an art journal to explore feelings and set an intention for the coming year. We will be working symbolically with the concept of a talisman so we can carry its vibe with us in 2019. I will share how sketchbooks and art journals can be wonderful tools to express ourselves, discover our own personal symbols and give ourselves what we really need.

I will focus on giving you a repertoire of art journaling techniques which you can then take away into your own art journaling practice. We will consider how to build up a background, what colours to choose, simple figures and symbols and what makes a pleasing composition. I recommend working in a journal or sketchbook with sturdy paper (140gsm or more). We will explore mark making with different supplies like pencils, pens & crayons. We will make use of acrylic paints and inks and find fun ways to apply them.

My lesson will focus on how you can art journal for yourself and express that which you need. I recommend using those supplies that you already have and really think about what materials you like working with. We make the best and most personal art when the supplies and techniques are in sync with that which we’re trying to express.

Koltes.Katrina II.jpg

Katrina Koltes

I come from a childhood of often travelling, discovering, and seeing new places. Originally of German nationality, but born in South East Asia, we were full-time volunteers, doing natural disaster relief work in countries like Indonesia, Philippines and Japan. I think that’s one thing that greatly influenced my art later on. I love to cheer people up with my art and create beautiful worlds of magic and mystery, stories of hope and beauty. I’ve now been living in Italy since about 16 years, am a full-time artist and mommy to two small boys. My inspiration and imagination is often fueled as my boys ask me to tell them bedtime tales of magical realms, faeries and dragons, mystical creatures, and nature spirits and spirit animals.  

I love to create story-art, poetry, and paint from my dream journeys. I now teach in various online workshops, and enjoy sharing my techniques to inspire others and find their voice through art.

Her project: In my lesson we will be exploring how spirit animals can help us in our everyday lives, each having a special message to bring, and what they can teach us. Depending on where we are in our life journey and what we are currently experiencing, we can call upon certain spirit animals (even mystical ones) to assist us in our journey and help us on the paths we choose to take. I often work spirit animals, and love to paint intuitively with watercolor or ink, combined with pastels or color pencils. So in this lesson we will explore the possibilities of pastels with one of these other medias. We paint a girl (as ourselves) with the spirit animal we wish to call upon for empowerment and guidance. I strongly believe that by painting these spirit animals we can bring them into our lives and call upon them to help us with whatever it is we are trying to express and achieve at that time.

Daria MSS Our Story Photo.jpg


My art journey has been an interesting, to say the least. Art classes in school were not on the top of my favorites list, yet I was drawn to sketching and copying other’s art. I remember watching Disney movies, then finding pictures of their characters and drawing them myself quite beautifully. Nevertheless, eventually art was placed somewhere on the memory shelf and I did not come back to it until recently, when my friend and business partner, Anne Marie Fowler, challenged me to give it another whirl. I have since been quite addicted to sketching, learning to shade faces, and, most importantly, to mixed media journaling. I also found that I am obsessed with spending money on various art supplies.



Gwen Lafleur is a lifelong artist, crafter, and world traveler currently living in South Jordan, Utah. She has been involved in arts and crafts her entire life, trying anything from drawing lessons to paper crafts, finally finding her true home as a mixed media artist. Gwen’s work can be found in private collections around the world and has been published in Cloth Paper Scissors and Creative Scrapbooker magazines. Whenever she gets a break from her full-time job in the eCommerce industry, you'll find her working in her studio and as a stencil artist, columnist, and creative team member for StencilGirl Products.

Her project: We will create a 3D mixed media piece that’s kind of a cross between a spirit doll and a totem. It would include creating a basic armature by working with clay, foam, cardboard, a wooden dowel, and aluminum foil. Alternatives for faces aside from sculpting – I’ll provide ideas and even a few sources. We’ll create some embellishments, including items for the totem that go through and inside the doll – starting with a headdress. We’ll embellish the entire structure using beads, trims, paints, fabrics, broken jewelry, small found objects, and paper. I’ll also share alternative ideas for representing the totems aside from creating them from scratch. The entire piece will be based on a pedestal of some kind, with options to be discussed in the class.



I am a mixed media artist who loves finding objects, scrap metal, fabric etc and incorporating them into my work. I have always been an up-cycler so mixed media is right up my alley! I also work abstract in oil and cold wax, acrylic, and collage. Growing up in L.A. California I see a lot of my urban appeal in my work. My more well known work is my “Urban Collage Dog” series. I love dogs and own 4 chihuahuas and a corgi! We moved almost 30 years ago to Minnesota and I see the effect of nature really showing up in my more recent work such as my recent bird art. I say “A Day without Art is Day Wasted.” I try to incorporate art somehow into each and every day!

Her project: Talismans serve as an emblem that brings good fortune. I will be using an object that reminds me of my grandmother who always had a positive outlook on life and always looked at the good. My focus on this project is going to be on “family” because of what the totem represents and also my trip as a young child with my family. My major supplies I am intending to use are MDF board as a substrate. I feel a good solid support is what makes a family strong, hence the decision to use a wood substrate. I will be making my mixed media project from supplies such as art clay that I will be teaching the mica shift technique, plaster cloth, fabric, beads, stamps, acrylic paint, nature objects such as twigs and branches, rust objects, string and wire. The finished project of Totems and Talismans will be based on some of my own fondest memories of my family. A solid structure will represent a strong foundation.


Aditi Mahajan

It’s funny how when you start writing about yourself, your first thought is to share your name, and that name leads to your identity. I, however, am wired differently, and hence talking about who I am becomes complex. Well, I am an explorer (bitten by the wanderlust bug), one who is curious to learn new things and explore new places. I create- art, poetry, stories, and food, because it gives me solace. I seek inspiration from things and people around me and look to inspire as well.

Throughout school and college years, I was good at fine art and I saw a connection to it. I eventually studied Clinical Psychology and I freelance, helping individuals with special needs. In a way, they have over the years taught me a lot about life, and looking at things from a different perspective. I then took to arts and started a company along with my mother- Dots to Lines. We started off with hand crafting home decor products and eventually went onto craft blogging. We are a part of some design teams and enjoy creating for these brands, and companies.

And  my name is Aditi Mahajan.

Her project: Using words, poetry, phrases, quotes as my main symbols or driving forces to create, I will be teaching a journal, creating a cover, and a few pages with different techniques- mixed media, watercolour, flat pages, dimensional pages. Also using elements of nature- butterflies, flowers which I am constantly attracted to use as they speak directly of life to me. The process of blossoming, dying and re-generating. Supplies range from- paints, sprays, stencils, stamps, embellishments, stickers, die-cuts, etc. I would like to show both, being inspired by the words and creating as well as free flow creation and then associating them with words.


Sunila Mahajan

I am Sunila Mahajan, born in Kenya, currently residing in Bangalore, India. I have studied Fine Arts from London School of Art, and am a freelance artist. Besides being a wife and mother of two children, my passion for art lead me back to my roots. That took me further down in my creative journey. I have learnt different art forms of India- Kalamkari, Madhubani, Tanjore, Kerala Mural, Lipan Work, etc. My immediate love is for contemporary abstract art or painting incorporating it with nature. I have undergone the Teacher’s Training Certification by Fevicrycl India, and have experience in conducting workshops and teaching different art forms.

Today, along with my daughter, I run a company called Dots to Lines, and we hand craft home decor products and are into craft blogging being a part of design teams of a few brands and stores.

Her project: I will be teaching a canvas piece of Lord Krishna. In this piece, we will start off with tracing the image and then adding elements. All the jewelry work will be done using clay and colourful stones. We will also create designs in the clay using basic tools. We will use acrylic paints for the elements, as well as to paint the face and body. The canvas piece finally will be multidimensional. This form can be used, for other figures as well and the techniques can also be used in other mixed media projects.

Art is my passion. 


Penny McDonald

Penny McDonald was born in the Heights, Houston, Texas. She has been an artist all her life, with formal studies in both commercial art and interior design.  She left formal studies to marry the love of her life, Rob, in 1980. Penny is a firm believer in lifelong learning and many of her skills are self-taught. She believes strongly in using found objects or cast offs, and in recycling materials. Her art has been displayed in many exhibitions in the Houston area.  She also teaches classes locally and online. In addition, Penny’s work has been published in Art Doll Quarterly. She lives and works in Houston, Texas.

Her project: Students will alter small toys and found objects to make a totemic gargoyle. The gargoyle will be housed in a box decorated with mixed media faux architectural features by utilizing stencils and rubber stamps. This is an assemblage project, so techniques taught will include altering toys, cleaning and preparing them, then reassembling them, and adding sculpted details to make the gargoyle. Texturing, painting, stenciling and stamping will be utilized to complete the box. The gargoyle will then be mounted in the box. Students will be shown how to add hanging hardware to the back of the box.


natalie mecham

I grew up in Orem Utah, surrounded by the beautiful Wasatch Mountains.  I spent a lot of my time with my older brother drawing and occasionally stealing his charcoal pencils to draw by myself.  With fashion and National Geographic magazines I taught myself to draw portraits.  I also spent much of my time exploring the Utah wilderness and finding inspiration in nature.  Now East Idaho is my home and I have two five year old daughters that provide a limitless amount of inspiration for my art.

I enjoy painting scenes of children playing or going about their day.  For me there is nothing more beautiful than a happy child.  Sometimes we tend to forget the happy and peaceful memories from our past, so I choose to paint them.  I find so much inspiration from my own children but also from my time I spent with my grandparents.  I am by nature a very quiet person.  My art gives me a way to communicate with people and share life experiences that I otherwise wouldn’t be able to. 

Her project: For my lesson, I would like to walk students through painting a dreamcatcher.  I will show how to be very loose and expressive with watercolor and then also show them how to do detailed work with them.  I will probably use hot-pressed paper as this provided the best substrate for detailed work.  I want to do expressive loose strokes for the background and then have the dreamcatcher be more detailed oriented.  The feathers might be a mix of both detailed and loose strokes.  I may even use some iridescent medium to add a bit of sparkle to parts of the painting.  I want to show how versatile watercolors are and how you can use other mediums along with them to enhance the look.  I would like to show how I warm up for my painting projects by sketching and making color swatches.      

Munns, Shijun-1.jpg


Shijun is blessed with an artist's eye and a poet's heart. Whether painting in oil or traditional Chinese painting, she is forever delighted by the results which seem to spring from a deep and ancient well that forms her artist's palette. Her muse gives her a love for oriental simplicity of form.
Shijun was born and raised in Foshan, an old town in the south of China full of history and famous for an active aesthetic nature. She is a graduate of the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts 1987 (BFA). Shijun is an active artist member of the Oil Painters of America and the National Art Educators Association (NAEA) . She is a recipient of numerous awards for her artistic achievements in both painting and art instruction. Shijun teaches art classes and has lived in the Atlanta area since 2003.
Her work has been exhibited in galleries and art shows across the US, China and Hong Kong. Her paintings are collected all across the US, Europe, China and Japan.

Her project: Mixed-Media painting. Butterflies represent happiness, freedom, creativity and change. Their transformative power also symbolizes change and the evolution of the soul. A secondary meaning of the butterfly is about finding joy in life and lightness of being. This course will mainly use acrylic and paper collage on canvas or paper to create a colorful work of art, perhaps a butterfly with portrait, and more providing us with a visual feast. Students will enjoy this fun selection, demonstration, and hopefully be inspired to complete their own paintings on "Butterfly and Innovation."


Stephanie Jones Rubiano

Stephanie Rubiano graduated magna cum laude from Texas A&M at Galveston with a degree in marine  biology. Therefore, it stands to reason that she has  chosen art as her career path.  Her love of nature and  fascination with Victorian photography is apparent through her combination of real butterfly wings and antique  photographs in her mixed media works. 
She has taught art workshops for the past 18 years at national art retreats  and has recently turned her attention to creating online workshops so that  she may create and interact with a larger audience.  Stephanie and her artwork have been featured in books and magazines such as Where Women Create, Somerset Studio, Cloth Paper Scissors, and elle Armoire, and won awards at juried fine art festivals.  Stephanie lives with her tolerant husband, Paul, and firecracker daughter, Fiona, in the suburbs of Austin, assiduously  avoiding letters from her HOA regarding yard art.

Her project: We all have special members of our family. . .those who have loved us and supported us in this lifetime or whose wisdom and guidance moves through the tunnels of time to help us today. To honor those people and keep their memories fresh within our hearts, we will construct small talismans from photographs and fabric. Using a polymer medium transfer technique on metal, we will create a faux tintype of a special family member that will be the focus of your talisman. Methods of tinting the photos will be demonstrated. You will learn an easy way to print on heavy muslin fabric with an inkjet printer. Butterflies have a multitude of meanings in many cultures. They can represent the soul, rebirth, change and happiness. The addition of fabric butterfly wings embellished with hand stitching to your tintype will imbue your talisman with attributes that are meaningful to you. These talismans can be made in a variety of sizes so they may be displayed in your favorite space as daily reminders, tucked away among other special memories or given as gifts.



Mary Beth Shaw worked in the insurance industry for 18 years before she quit her job in 2000 to re-ignite a childhood love of art. Since then she has spent all her waking hours exploring life as a painter working in mixed media. She worked as an art gypsy for 5 years, exhibiting at outdoor art fairs and selling as many as 300 paintings in one very blurry year. She transitioned into being a workshop instructor in 2007 and finds pleasure helping students find their own voice. She is author of Flavor for Mixed Media and Stencil Girl, is a columnist for Somerset Studios Magazine and a Golden Artist Educator. She is the founder of StencilGirl® Products, LLC. She has a tattoo of a shooting star on her right shoulder.  

Her project: Through the Looking Glass of Layers – Mary Beth will lead students in creation of a 3 dimensional mixed media painting using stencils, stamps, collage and stitching. This class starts with free writing exercises that help us explore the various totems of influence in our artistic lives; totems need not be limited to animals but could be as diverse as emblems we receive from our communities, a line of poetry or song, even a particular food. Once we have delved into this journey, we will work to develop a symbolic visual language – through the use of collage, stamps & stencils – and will create a series of clear and opaque layers to represent each totem. Expect to use transparent material that can be worked from the front and back side, alcohol ink, acrylic paint, stamp pads, ink and embossing powder. The final painting will move through stages of building up and excavating back down, as the layers are transformed into a final piece of art that leads us to uncover our individual truths.


Muriel stegers

My name is Muriel Stegers and I was born in the great city of Amsterdam.  I turn 42 this August the 15th and have two beautiful daughters. I have a part time job, 30 hours a week, in the insurance business and a full time job raising my girls to be strong independent and unique women. 
I have always been a creative soul according to my surroundings.  I discovered art journaling and mixed media about 5 years ago… started a group on Facebook to get together with more Dutch people and learn more about this amazing ART thing.  I have lost my soul ever since. It has done more for me then any therapy ever could.  I have dared myself in more ways than I could hold possible and created more than I could ever dream of.  It made me new and whole again at the same time. What I value the most after all this time is that mixed media art needs no outside confirmation anymore.  I learned to let go of other people’s opinions and there is no feeling more liberating.  
We all want the acceptance of others but when you let go of this perception in your art, amazing things happen. I am no longer scared.  If there is anything I can teach to another person this would be it. To share my story and be of help…the rest will follow by itself because it’s already there.

Her project: I would love to create a project related to the universe and the OHM sign. I am a true mixed media artist and use of lots of mediums will take place. I am thinking of rebirth, parallel energies. . . darks, gold, purple and magentas. . . maybe a bird flying made with collage. Much of it will be focused on the power of energy, the mind, and the power of YOU.


Petra Stein

I am Petra, 50 years young,  mixed  media artist, wife,mother and grandmother. I love to teach and  paint  from the heart. My creative journey started about 6 years ago,  started  with just some drawings, Life book and later on I did some other  classes  too. Ever since I am obsessed with art journaling and making  paintings and I’m teaching classes for about 3 years now. I love  to paint  with my fingers, making abstract backgrounds, being me,  letting go of perfectionism, being in the present and a whole lot more. Together with my best friend and great artist, Muriel Stegers, Stegers and Stein, we do a lot of live classes  and face to face classes. The last past years I really did struggle with perfectionism but I think I did overcome most of it... and I am a proud artist now!

Her project: I will be using butterflies, making a portrait on a wooden panel or a canvas, using collage, stencils, and stamps and, of course, I will be using inks and acrylics.


Heather Tracy

Heather Tracy runs the Thicketworks website, where folks can learn quirky, interesting and unconventional Mixed Media Techniques. She has served as Brand Ambassador for Heirloom Traditions Paints ®, Relics & Artifacts ® and Iron Orchid Designs ®. As Techniques Editor for The Graphics Fairy, she published over 90 popular Mixed Media Tutorials. Today, her focus is helping others to express their Creativity through her weekly videos and online courses. A true devotee of Elegant Grunge, she delights in supporting Creatives along the journey toward their own artistic goals, and has mentored over 1,000 students in her popular online courses.

Her project: A tiny house form, cut from chipboard - forms a locket. When opened, the locket reveals a clay heart, perched in a tiny nest, resting on a twig...bits of moss, earth, and lichen. The heart is broken / mended. The back wall features a dawning sky...a single bright star shines.


Tina walker

Tina Walker is a creator, hobbyist photographer, and dog lover.  ♥  Art keeps her sane and is a retreat from her daily career responsibilities.  She loves all things mixed media, including art journaling, assemblage, and book making. She believes mixed media is a perfect discipline, encompassing multiple products, mediums and design techniques.  Her project selection and medium choice are always changing, and you will frequently see her hosting on-line collaborations and challenges.  She is a frequent contributor to Stampington and you can find more of her art in her various in-person workshops.  When she isn’t creating, you will often find Tina perusing local Antique stores looking for project inspiration or combining nature with art.

Her project: I will be making a Santos Inspired assemblage piece, demonstrating how to create your own molds and resin casts, how to create texture on your casts with fiber paste and crackle, how to make handmade wings using wire and fabric stiffener, and how to assemble the entire piece into a nicho.  I will show you how you can use small findings you may already have, or how to find unique items in your local antique store, and how you can incorporate them into your piece.