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Meet my amazing, funny, smart, and easy-going son Hank (or sometimes Henry). Hank was diagnosed with the Autism Spectrum Disorder right after he turned three, although we suspected he had autism as early as his first birthday. Hank's intelligence always outweighed children of his age. When he was 1 he knew all the letters of the alphabet, started writing his full name, and spelled simple words. We suspected that his brain was functioning differently because, despite his extreme intelligence, Hank did not like to make eye contact or engage in back and forth conversations. He wanted to play with letters, numbers, trains and legos instead of playing with friends or doing things he was not interested in.

After his diagnosis we felt relieved, as we now had answers and could focus on helping him navigate the world using his perspective. Thanks to Applied Behavior therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, and his amazing teachers Hank is doing beautifully. He loves playing, talking and engaging with others, and is ready to start Kindergarten.

Autism is near and dear to our hearts, as we have met amazing people on our Autism Navigation journey, and we want to continue raising awareness of children and adults living with autism. Please join us!


April is Autism Awareness month. We would like to invite you to join us in creating this beautiful PRODUCT to support autism awareness. All net proceeds from the purchase of this product will go directly to the Autism Alliance of Michigan (AAOM).

If you are not interested in creating the PRODUCT but would like to support this cause, please consider donating to the organization by using the link below. Thank you!

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