We had such a good time at Creativation a couple of weeks ago and I want to share some things I saw that I 1) thought would be fun to share or 2) found interesting. Are these some things you might want to try? The first is a fairy tale dresser and the second shows how easy it is to make something fun with what I've called Button Love. 

I really loved the ladies from Kathy Cano-Marillo loves to share her heritage through her art.  Check out the head pieces! They are made of paper and light faux flowers. What fun! However, the most interesting thing I encountered had to be the incredible pieces you can make with hot glue. Yes, I said HOT GLUE! I even made some faux sea glass earrings and a necklace and it was super simple. This is such an accessible way to make some fun pieces!

Take a look and let me know what you think!

The CraftyChica ladies.jpg
CraftyChica head piece.jpg
Princess dresser.jpg
button love.jpg
Hot Glue piece.jpeg
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