"Puzzling" art

Sometimes art is like a puzzle that comes together in the most unexpected ways. I was working on a 1000 piece puzzle my mom sent me awhile back all the way from Russia and feeling a little homesick. As I thought of the beauty of St. Basil's Cathedral on the Red Square, I realized how much this puzzle resembles the way we art. We start with no plan but maybe a general outline or some small pieces we have in mind. We build layers/sections and move them around until we find the best fit. The domes of St. Basil's have no pattern and no specific color scheme. They are each unique and beautiful in their own way, but when put together they create the most beautiful piece of architecture! And while my puzzle is still incomplete, as I look at the separated pieces surrounding the picture, I find the whole piece to be inspiring. I just love how the disconnected pieces of my blue sky make the picture pop. I need to do something similar on my journal page soon. What do you think?

Daria LaFaveComment