[My] Mind [Is] Set

One of the greatest challenges for an artist is to be able to change perspective. In being able to do so, an artist can re-ignite the spark of creativity. This is so important for expanding one’s abilities and can be accomplished, of course, by studying with other artists. However, Tina Walker offered several artists the opportunity to re-ignite their creativity in a much different way, one that was enjoyable, inspiring. . .and collaborative. It is the collaborative part that was a great teaching tool! Six artists collaborated on six different works of art. Each canvas traveled from one artist to the next as far as India and back to the U.S. Each artist created the first layer of her traveling canvas and sent it on to the next in the list. As the work traveled from studio to studio, each artist added her bit of ingenuity and created some immensely beautiful pieces of art.

My piece began as a simple 8 x 10 traditional white canvas. I added a beautiful piece of sari scrap in an ocean blue and sent it off to the next artist on the list. Over the next few months, the group added some delicious colors and stencils. Additional blues and beiges along with an astonishing array of stencils (L547, M197, S650, S651, S585, S638, S641) were added to create the final piece, one that I have titled “[My] Mind [Is] Set.”

If you want to know more, click here to check out Tina Walker’s blog on the event.
Anne Marie

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