Olympic art???

As I was trying to decide on what to write about this week I was concentrating on writer’s (and artist’s block) and how to turn off the Olympics and start creating. Well, I decided that wouldn’t work because I absolutely LOVE the Olympics so I figured that if I couldn’t get the Olympics off my mind, I’d find out if there is any great Olympic art out there beyond the artistic creation of the opening and closing ceremonies (which are fantastic this year!).  

What I found out is that there is actually a long history of art and the Olympic Games. Art of the Olympians is an organization, connected to the Olympic sport organization, that focuses on the art of present Olympians … like it isn’t bad enough that these athletes got wonderful sport genes but they can also create!

These athletes sculpt, paint, write, photogragh, and create in many other artistic ways besides skating beautifully. Who knew that Flo-Jo, Ben Nighthorse Campbell, Peggy Fleming and others were not only Olympic medalists, but artists, as well? I guess if you look at it, sport is personal expression, too. I hadn’t thought of it like that before so why am I surprised to learn that many athletes are also artists?

Olympians who also do art may create for personal reasons but there are also Olympians who are professional artists. Who knew? As the Olympics wind down this week, I’ll be watching with a renewed interest and thinking about how to incorporate that Olympic spirit into all my creations.

Check out artoftheolympics.org and http://edition.cnn.com/videos/sports/2016/03/14/olympic-picasso-roald-bradstock-intv.cnn and learn about Olympic artists and then do a search to see what kinds of art people create that revolve around this international meeting of talented people.

Enjoy the games!



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