A cup 'o tea... revealed

A couple of weeks ago I showed you a bunch of tea bags and, well, today, I’ve been trying my hand at painting on them. It is certainly a different feel from working on canvas or watercolor paper but fun to play with, nonetheless. Too bad I’m not patient enough to let things completely dry before I want to lay down the next layer of paint!

Some of these are watercolor and some are acrylic and some are a little of both! Add some marker and you have some fun little art pieces. I love the little sayings that come on some of the tea tags. I’d never noticed those before.

You can also use the tea bag paper as a textured background or use a wet tea bag to stamp some tea stains for a great background. I don’t know if I’ll make cards out of these or if I’ll just use them on their own but know that the possibilities are many. Try your own tea art and share on our Facebook page! I want to see what you come up with when we share a cup ‘o tea together. 

Margaret Miller Butcher

tea bag 1
tea bag art 2
rose and thorns
Daria LaFave