Finding your art

A couple of weekends ago, I attended a local home and outdoor show and was thrilled to see some beautiful art work that was being used to bring attention to, of all things, a tile shop. Now, I don’t know about you, but there is something about backsplash tile design that get me all giddy and this one display blew me away. The artist is Jessica Watson, a designer at BMC (www.buildwithBMC) in Northwest Arkansas. When I talked to Jessica about this stunning piece, she hadn’t really thought much about the art elements that she used, she was just wanting to show off different ways to use some of their tile product. 

What that said to me, is that sometimes, we try too hard to make our art fit into a specific category. I think that is how I am, at least. Daria and Anne Marie at Mystic Spring Studios work in mixed media often and so they might be more open to what might seem to me as too random or outside of my expectation. All I know, is that when I saw this lovely goddess, I was struck by the materials, the design, and the way the piece was used to bring attention to something as (seemingly) simple as flooring and backsplashes!

We often don’t think about where to find our art, it just finds us! 

Margaret Miller Butcher

Daria LaFave