Summer Art

One of my students mentioned in a post last week that her children had already started back to school. It was the first day of August! Wow! Could summer have passed any more quickly? 

So, what did you do with your art over the summer? For me, it is bitter sweet. Each summer for the last three years I’ve spent my week day afternoons creating art with my friend, Beth. The first two summers, we experimented with silk dying and painting but this year, we did a little hand-built clay and some painting. Beth is such a liberating artist! Sadly, next summer I won’t be back in the town I’ve called home for the last 30 years so we’ll have to find some other way to share our work. Regardless, it’s been wonderful and I’ll always have our art  and our memories. 

Don’t be afraid to experiment with your art techniques. Believe me, we’ve had our failures, from scarves that disintegrated when we unrolled them after leaving them too long in the heat setting process to having to paint over canvases when our paintings didn’t turn out the way we planned. If we didn’t know the lows of failure, we wouldn’t know the highs of our successes. Each project is a journey to be cherished. 

Here are some of the images from our Summer of Art 2018. I hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed making them!

Garden Fowl
Beginnings of silk painting
Painting with Beth
In the kiln
Snowflake Scarf
Japanese Lantern
Round Poppy on Recycled Canvas
Margaret with the start of a poppies painting
Poppies under production
Daria LaFaveComment