Art Walk Alchemy 2019 Reflections

We are approaching the halfway mark in our year-long Art Walk Alchemy 2019, and it has been fantastic! Along with a diverse group of talented instructors from all over the world, we have the most supportive group of students who are fully engaged in creating work, sharing their photos, and providing encouraging feedback to each other. We really wanted to highlight the feedback that we received from students, so we put out a call and received truly heart-warming responses. If you are still on the fence and debating whether or not to join - it is not too late, and it will not disappoint!

Of all the classes so far, Mary Beth Shaw has inspired me the most. Her writing tool released some very deep emotional material which I then translated into two projects. I’m not one for sticking sentimental messages on my art work. I feel if the art doesn’t move you, the words aren’t going to be much help. The first of my projects for Mary Beth’s project is made from cut up pictures of Renaissance art to create a building that is a maze, a labyrinth and a puzzle. It appears to have form and structure, a point, if you will and yet it doesn’t. It portrays my view of life...a strange wandering in which the only real meaning is human relationships. The second piece is a Portrait of My Mother. In the process of doing Mary Beth’s writing exercise I suddenly found myself focusing on a whole host of feelings and ideas I had about my mom and for the first time being able to express them strongly and graphically. The portrait is of a woman trapped by the conventions of her time. It is probably the best piece I have ever done.
— Janet B.
Janet B 1
Janet B.
Christa Forrest’s lesson
Petra Stein’s was my favorite lesson so far. I learned that by laying acrylic paint I can create much more depth to my faces.
— Jan M.
The Sacred Earth Bowl lesson by Toni Burt was so different. I’ve used air dry clay before but never like this. It was fun to use things I already had lying around my studio in such a different way. I learned a lot.
— Donna R.
Toni Burt’s lesson
Totem 2.jpg
Each lesson in Mystic Spring’s Art Walk Alchemy 2019 brings a set of challenges, a way to really stretch the artistic muscle. With each lesson I surprise myself with how deeply I can dive and bring up a level of creativity I didn’t know I possessed.
This project brought to mind childhood memories such as when I embroidered my jeans to duplicate the very, very expensive embroidered jeans I saw in a shop in NYC. I sometimes forget the “artist” in me. Looking back I’ve always been doing something creative, whether it was needlework or up-cycling clothing.
I purposely set out to make this a very colorful piece. I’m conservative by nature, but I also have a whimsical side that I like to express in my art. I worked with what materials I had on hand - poster board, bits and pieces of other projects, broken jewelry. I have the definition of inspire embossed on a piece of fun foam placed in the middle of my totem. I hope to always be an inspiration.
— Diana w.
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