Summer Art

We have a small trailer in an RV community where we spend our weekends. My son loves that place - he is all about driving around on a golf cart, playing putt putt, going to a splash pad, playing on the beach playground, and getting ice-cream. One of his most beloved activities, however, is looking for and hiding painted rocks. Yes, our little trailer park LOVES painted rocks. This year I found myself making use of limited art supplies we have at the trailer to create a batch of rocks together with him so that he can hide them around the campground. We gesso the rocks first, then paint them in one color and let them dry. We then brainstorm for ideas of what each colored rock looks like and paint our designs. Finally, I spray them with clear spray to withstand the weather elements, let the rocks dry for 24 hours or longer, and they are ready to go. It has been so much fun!

I need some ideas for easy rock painting that a 6-year-old could do. Would you share your suggestions?

Daria LaFaveComment