An artist will understand my addiction to art supplies. How many times have we gone to a local craft store to pick up one or two items and walked out with one or two bags instead? Various colors and thicknesses of gesso, 7 pairs of scissors, 3 x-acto knives, dozens of paint brushes, boxes of colored pencils, jars full of crayons, containers of ephemera, an entire drawer of napkins, and I could go on and on… But there is one item in particular that I am truly in love with - Dylusions paints by Dyan Reaveley. I have all the colors that exist and I love working with them. Their consistency and pigmentation is just perfect for journaling, and I have made quite a few spreads using a combination of 2 or 3 colors. My favorite technique is putting the colors down on the paper and then using a baby wipe in circular motion to spread them on a page and to merge the colors together. As I was working on my latest background, my 5-year-old Hank came in. “Do you need some help, Mommy?” One can never reject an invitation from an aspiring artist who does not, generally, like to get his hands dirty, and so we got busy. We used the three colors in the photo below and came up with a pretty fun creation. Hank even asked to make handprints by painting both of his hands. The result is pretty awesome!

~ Daria


These are some other journal spreads I have shared with you in the past where I used Dylusions paints. The colors mix beautifully and pop from the page with such happiness!

What is your favorite art product?

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