Extending your crafting knowledge

I've learned quite a bit of crafting over the years and it never is surprising to see just how much more there is to know. An avid reader, I find that I am constantly seeking out material to learn different ways of crafting and creating art. I especially love the tactile aspect of art-making. A few years back, I saw a short video (available here) of Seth Apter working with photographs in his art. At the time, I was so inundated with other work that I didn't check it out further--but then came along a fascinating book. 

I recently came across Mixed Emulsions: Altered Art for Photographic Imagery. It is chock full of great techniques that can really expand your art making. The book offers insight into using mediums, colors, and various effects to alter photos. I am so enjoying reading this book! Care to know more about this type of art making? Stay tuned on our website. You may see something coming in the future! And, hey, in the meantime, if you are interested in Seth's complete video, check it out here. I know I am!

Anne Marie

Anne Marie FowlerComment