Callie's Art

About nine or ten years ago, I met a friend through work. We both taught—and still do teach—online. Although we have known each other for this long, we actually have never met. Maybe someday. . . However, I feel like his family is just as much a part of mine as my own family members. His daughter, Callie, was quite little when I first came to know about her and she has grown up to be such a wonderful artist. A while back, I sent Callie a box of pencils for drawing and sketching with the caveat that she had to share her art. She did such a wonderful job with the pencils that I made arrangements for her to join Art Walk Alchemy. Again, the same caveat applied.

Callie followed through in both instances and I am so proud of the art she has created, so much that I had to share it with you. The photo of the dog is a project she made for school. She has a wonderful sense of scale. The two drawings with the trees are the ones she created with the drawing kit. Finally, the butterfly is her rendition of the butterfly lesson that Melanie April taught for us in Art Walk Alchemy 2019. Aren’t these pieces wonderful? [Click on each picture to advance to the next.]

I can’t tell the future as to whether Callie will continue making art. However, with her focus on art now, I know that she will be poised to run headfirst into the world. Her experience with art at this young age sets her up with the ability to critically analyze, to appreciate art and all its nuances, and to avoid the fear of trying things out. How have you stretched yourself in order to learn? Let me know on our Facebook page.

Anne Marie