More than a cup 'o tea!

Wow! Time can really get away from us at certain times of the year and it seems that this is one of those times for me. It happens every year.  The semester is coming to an end and there are papers to grade and textbooks to choose for next term and summer plans to sort out and a wedding to plan for my son and his fiance’. My days are hectic from the “git-go” but there is one aspect to my days that doesn’t change: my morning tea.


A couple of months ago Anne Marie forwarded a link to me that featured a piece of art that she thought I might enjoy. “Tea bag art?” I asked, with my jaw dropping. “What in the world is that?” and “Why would anyone paint on a tea bag?” were just a couple of the questions that entered my mind. I didn’t do anything with it at the time but the thought has been steeping in my head ever since. I usually drink good, loose leaf Chinese tea, but I do like a certain brand of orange spice…. and soon I found myself hanging my spent tea bags to dry and now I have a nice little bundle.  


I’ll admit I haven’t done anything with them as yet but I’m gathering up ideas. Here are just a couple hundred of ideas I’ve found on Pinterest and I know that there are more ways to use tea bags than are shown in these pins, so I just need to jump in and get to work. From background textures to sculptural pieces, there are so many options to choose from.

I’m open to suggestions so I’d love to hear from you. What could you do with a couple of old, stained, dried-up tea bags? Food (or drink) for thought. Please share!

Margaret Miller Butcher

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