Earth Day: Save the Monarch Butterfly. It's a blog hop and giveaway!


What a month April has already been! The weather has been topsy -turvy—a bit of winter, a smidgen of spring. It seems as though Mother Earth is trying to shake her roots and get us to pay a little closer attention to her children. Every April, we are reminded through the transition from one season to the next that life springs anew and the earth is rife with animals that need us to be more mindful about their care. Each year, more species are listed on the endangered list, and many others are acknowledged as moving toward being listed. However, we have the opportunity to make a difference right here, right now. Arnold Grummer’s Papermaking has risen to the challenge and I am supporting their efforts.

For my Earth Day project, and in celebration of Arnold Grummer’s blog hop with GIVEAWAY!, I chose to highlight the beautiful Monarch butterflies. My rendition isn’t an exact replica of those gentle and quite recognizable butterfly species, but they are still Monarchs in spirit. Representing transformation and hope, these masterful insects show us that life is cyclical, that it is important to remain open to opportunities and play. When you see a butterfly in your immediate space, especially if you find that one hovers in your personal space, consider that change is on its way.

For the blog hop, I created a mask accessorized by a flight of mock Monarchs. The face and the mask were made using paper pulp—a mixture of Arnold Grummer’s Cotton Lintner and scrap manila paper with sprinkles of Arnold Grummer’s Gold Dust, and I used the remaining pulp to create the leonine paper casting on the mask front. To personalize the paper, I added a few dried rose petals taken from my mother’s casket spray. The face and the mask were shaped using a face mold and an unfinished Mardi Gras mask. Once dried, I glued the two together then began adding eucalyptus leaves in two colors. Many people aren’t aware that Monarchs love to roost in natural Eucalyptus. I then used Stampendous’s Butterflies Die Set to cut out the butterflies. Layering one butterfly cutout on top of another in a different pattern provides a 3D view. A few flowers, leaves, and curly ting accent the piece, which is situated on a bark brown frame. This wonderfully highlights the overall piece. I also created texture and depth on the mask using some embossing powder on the edge and Stampendous’s Tea Stained Mica from its Frantage Mica 5-jar kit around the eyes.

This project was a joy to create and it really made me focus on how climate change places the Monarchs at risk of extinction. The best way to help ensure their viability is to help cultivate Monarch habitats. Planting milkweed and other nectar plants native to your area goes a long way in creating these habitats. Likewise, be mindful of how and where you use pesticides; natural pesticides are the best.

If you have enjoyed the information provided in this blog, Arnold Grummer’s support of saving our species, or the project made in celebration of saving the Monarchs, feel free to leave a comment!

Anne Marie

Fowler-Flutter Mask.jpg

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