Entering the art workshop experience

As you may well know, we released our first online year-long art workshop in January. To date, feedback has been great but there has been one overriding concern: art supplies. It can be overwhelming to try to figure out which supplies to purchase. For many artists just starting out, it is nearly impossible to be able to afford all of the possible supplies. So here is my advice if you are starting out: Don't run out and buy all of the supplies. Instead, when signing up for an online art workshop, allow yourself the luxury of viewing the videos first. In some cases, while the actual lesson may use oil paints, you can substitute with acrylics. Where a lesson might suggest a specific size paper not available in your country, check out other options. For example, let’s say that you need a 45cm x 45 cm piece of white cardstock. It is almost impossible to purchase that size in the U.S. However, there are options at many craft stores such as larger single-sheet watercolor or mixed-media paper, pads of mixed media and watercolor paper in extra large sizes, and poster board. Be creative in your approach to the materials.

Likewise, there is also the issue of the fear of “not being good enough.” This is a very subjective issue. We all want to do the best work. We all want to have others think of our work as impressive. However, we all have to begin somewhere. Seven years ago, I tried to paint a bridge. My daughters (still young at the time) told me it could pass for third-grade art. Well, at least I was more advanced than I originally thought. :-) Today, I own an art business and am teaching how to create art. The point is that anything worthwhile requires practice. Be proud of the first projects that you create no matter what they look like. They are excursions into understanding. . .understanding what works, understanding what doesn't work, understanding how to navigate the changes that are necessary to increase your abilities. In the end, exploration is key. Enjoy the journey rather than fear it.