Ephemera Paducah

From time to time, we come across supporters of the arts who really stand apart from the crowd. In this blog entry, I’d like to introduce to you the owner of Ephemera Paducah, Kristin Williams. If you look up awesome in the dictionary, I am confident that you will find her name there. Kristin has a warm and welcoming manner and is a fabulously inventive person. I met Kristin several years ago when I just happened to Google arts and crafts while I was visiting Paducah, Kentucky. If you have never been to Paducah, you are missing an amazing historical city full of arts and crafts, antiques, and the famous National Quilt Museum. It has the most darling downtown and a beautiful arts district.

During that trip, I visited Kristin’s store and was drawn to the products she carried. Always looking for stores that carry products that haven’t been offered elsewhere, especially vintage elements, I was thrilled to spend time in her store. Each time I return to Paducah, I make it a point to visit Ephemera Paducah. I have also been fortunate to experience her special kind of hosting. For more on that, check out my blog entry from October 15, 2017. During this next year, Kristin is bringing more arts and crafts love and excitement to her store. Check out her website and the workshops that she will be offering. And, hey, consider attending one of the classes. Want to meet me in person? I’ll be at the Roxanne Coble {By Bun} Art Journaling Weekend in September. But don’t limit yourself to that class. Kristin is offering so many more delicious options!

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