Feeding Your Creativity.

One of the challenges I face when it comes to creativity is “feeding” it. As a Director of Operations, I do a lot of work behind the scenes of our business. I develop and maintain the website, set up video lessons, communicate with customers and suppliers, and take care of financials. There are not as many opportunities to be creative as I would like. But even full-time artists tend to work more or less in isolation of their studios, which could create a stall. To solve this challenge, I urge you to find ways to network within the art community. Find locally held artist events, meet fellow artists, subscribe to art blogs, go to galleries and art museums, follow artists on social media, etc. When you see what others are doing or talk to them, you will find your creativity soar. We hope that you consider checking out all fellow art lovers who follow us on our social media pages. These fantastic people come from all over the world and share one thing in common: love for art. Find inspiration in their work and make new friends!

~ Daria

Daria LaFaveComment