Gifts of love

This past weekend, I visited my six- and three-year-old grandchildren and was gifted with some wonderful pieces of their creation and I accepted them with elation! Remember how sweet those little handprint pictures and popsicle stick snowmen you made in elementary school were and how excited your grandmother or mother were when you brought them home? Why was it so easy to share our creations when we were children but now that we are adults, we feel self-conscious sharing these treasures? I hope you don’t feel this way but I know I do and I don’t know why but I have developed a theory…

I sometimes lack confidence in my art ability. There. I said it. 

I teach college communication courses (to support my art habit) and in my classes, especially speech classes, I emphasize the importance of self-confidence for success. Why is it so easy for me to give that advice to my students when I can be just as unsure of my own worth? 

Giving art is a blessing because it is a part of who we are, our expression, our heart. Share your art! Even if it is leaving those painted rocks around town for others to find and love. I’m going to be a better art gifter because I know how much I cherish the pieces I’ve been gifted from my family and from my husband, none of whom “do” art with any regularity. In fact, I'm sharing a watercolor of my daughter's dog, Millie. I wanted to do this as a surprise for her but am not totally pleased with the final . . . but I know she'll LOVE it because it was made and given with love. 

Let's share a little love . . . with pride!

Daria LaFaveComment