Going back to my childhood

I never considered myself to be an artist. Honestly. Growing up in Russia I flunked art classes we were required to take in school - I was THAT bad. I remember having to sketch things, make art out of clay, draw - nothing really worked for me. I was really good at geometry, though, and if you ask my partners Anne Marie and Margaret, they will tell you - "Daria is all about being even and precise." Seriously - it is a challenge for me to step outside the comfort zone I have. Nevertheless, I am pushing myself every time I take on a new project, and this one was super fun! First, because it has to do with fairies. Mention that word and I am sold. Second, because one thing I really liked doing in school (although I was bad at it) was watercolor. So in this Fairy Class taught by the amazing and fun Karen Campbell I am going to rock. Here is my first proof:

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