Gustav Klimt and Immersive Art

A few weeks ago, I was in the depths of finalizing my travel to Europe for a family vacation when I noticed a post about a Gustav Klimt exhibition in Paris. Paris was our first stop and I was thrilled to be able to see Klimt’s work! The amazing aspect of the exhibition was that it would not show his original works. Instead, his works, along with the works of two other artists, would be shown as immersive art. The art was projected onto the walls of the Atelier des Lumières, a former foundry. To say it was stunning is to not say enough. 

I have a deep-seated love for Klimt’s Golden Period and seeing the pieces illuminating the steely-gray walls of the foundry was the art visit of a lifetime. It is as if the pieces came to life. Many of my favorite pieces were shown: The Kiss, The Dancer, Portrait Of Adele Bloch Bauer I, The Tree of Life, Beech Forest Buchenwald I, Pallas Athene 1898, and Hostile Forces Detail from the Beethoven Frieze 1902.

I have included several photographs that show the enormity of the projections. Thinking about traveling to Europe this summer? This is definitely a not-to-miss opportunity.

                                                                                                Anne Marie