How organized is your studio?

I’ll admit it. I’m a fairly clean artist. That seems almost artistically heretical, doesn’t it? In the moment, I am wild and free but, after I have completed steps in a project (or several projects), I do stop and clean stencils, rearrange the projects, re-house the paint, and file away the ephemera. I even have my acrylic paints arranged by color groups. This is a throwback, I’m sure, to my days as an extreme bibliophile where my books were shelved by genre and alphabetically or numerically, just like you would find in the library. Somehow this organization gives me comfort much like knowing that my husband will be home around the same time every day and that the dog will protect me should someone try to harm me. It is the same comfort that a mug of hot chocolate gives on a cold winter’s night, or the familiarity that my studio chair and table offer when making my creations.

I am not compulsive about these things, but they are welcome aspects of my creative life. They help to ensure continuity in my life, in general, and support my desire to be who I am as an artist. There are no expectations. There are no demands. In my studio, I have created the secret garden of my dreams where I make life what it is in my mind. And so, I organize and clean to help me cultivate that dream-like environment where everything is alright (and we know life isn’t always that way). I know the shelves and drawers like I know my own children. There is happiness in every bin or plate, and growth in every filed away stencil, pen, or ink. Organizing is also a form of control when life sometimes feels a bit out of control. And you? What about your organization? Are you in need of a bit of control, or does the extensive freedom of messiness feed your soul? Tell me about it!

Anne Marie 

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