It’s Fall, y’all!

Can you believe it is November? We finally had our first freeze just a couple of nights ago and there was snow to the north and west of us today while we got a cold rain. I’m a summer kind of person most of the time but there is something truly comforting about needing no excuse to curl up in a fuzzy blanket and sip on a warm cup of cider.

Fall is also a great time to settle in with your littles, whether they are your children, grandkids, neighborhood kids or students and try out a fun and easy art project. I did just that last week with my 3- and 5-year-old grandchildren. I don’t get to see them very often so when I visit, I want them to feel special and try things Mom and Dad may not have the time or patience for. If you try this, know that it doesn’t have to be anything very difficult and it doesn’t have to result in a perfect end project. We chose two projects that use the same technique, acrylic paint pours. We did the canvases first, so my littles could see how to mix their colors and then just pour them out so there is literally no talent needed, either to teach or create. Next, we used any left-over paint and the small decorative pumpkins. This was a little harder because they needed to hold the pumpkins by their stems to help the paint “flow.” Was it messy? Yes. Was it fun? Absolutely! (The pictures aren’t professional, I let my 5-year-old granddaughter take pictures quite often so she can begin to learn composition elements, and I think she did a pretty good job, don’t you?) Enjoy and please don’t hesitate to share the works of your littles on our Facebook page! Just a little bit of time sharing simple art projects not only develops a more creative mind but it also creates great memories, no matter what the season!

Have a wonderful Fall! Thanks for sharing a little of yours with us here at Mystic Spring Studios.


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