Make the Old New...

Art is not only about creating something new but also about making something that was once new live again. There is something refreshing in repurposing old objects, isn’t there? There is a beautiful town of Leadville, CO, that has turned this practice into a fantastic fun affair. For the third year in a row, the town selects one item and invites local artisans to put their craft to use by repurposing that object in a unique way. In its inaugural year, they hosted “The Great Door Hunt” and offered doors that were in storage to be repurposed into creative works of art to then be auctioned off. The following year’s theme was “Light up Main Street,” and the artists were asked to repurpose old objects into functional lamps. This year’s theme is “Save a Seat for Main Street,” and the artists are asked to either repurpose items into seating items or create with old seats. Check out these links and look at the amazing art that has been created over the years! Have you ever repurposed an object? Share your photos with us.




~ Daria

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