I have set quite a few goals for myself for this creative year, and one of them is to practice face shading. I find that shading is not really difficult once you learn to recognize how light works, how colors work, and how white space helps create lines on faces. I have been practicing for a little while now, but always following video lessons of other artists. Last week I felt strong enough to find a photo and practice shading without any guidance. I used my Bee Paper brown sketch pad (made with 100% recycled paper!) because I love the way it creates a beautiful skin tone without much effort. I then sketched using a regular pencil, shaded using my gray paper stumps, and created lights in her eyes and hair using my white charcoal pencil. She turned out pretty well, don’t you think? The lesson here is: practice!

~ Daria


I love using this paper for sketching and learning to shade! This is a 100% Recycled Sketch Notebook, and I used a regular sketching pencil, a few shading stubs, and a white charcoal pencil here.

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Shading stubs:

White charcoal pencil:

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