Preserving Nature

As Summer waves her last goodbyes and Autumn lets her fiery hair shimmer, it won’t be long before fireplaces are crackling and warm mugs are being passed hand-to-hand. In this interim space between the fire of Summer and the fire in the fireplace is a great opportunity to prepare for crafting once the bite of winter sets in. One practice that I have undertaken about this time every year, and over the next month or so depending on how the seasons act, is to collect leaves and preserve them for future use. It is a simple process, really, but it provides some really interesting options for crafting during the snow months. These preserved leaves can find their way into your mixed media pieces, your journals, and even an ATC or two.

Begin by collecting some odd or interesting looking leaves. Choose various colors and shapes. You can even do this with waning flowers from a bouquet just before they start to dry out. Flora that has already started drying out might not work as well, so use soft and pliable pieces—the just-fell-off-the-tree kind. Next, lay out a piece of wax paper and grab a soft paintbrush—square is best—and some Mod Podge. Very gently, paint a layer of Mod Podge across each leaf, petal, or flower. Allow it to dry completely. Once dry, carefully peel the flora from the wax paper and turn them over. Repeat the process again. Be sure to also Mod Podge the stems. Now that you have some pieces to use in your journaling, mixed media, or ATC projects, I’d love to see what you create in the coming months so please share your work with me on our Facebook page! Here are two examples to help generate ideas.

Anne Marie


The rose in the sky


Leaf Angels

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