To timelapse or not to timelapse? That IS the question...

As an artist you probably have a preference for the type of video lesson you like to watch. Some prefer timelapse videos where an entire lesson is sped up and condensed to a much shorter period of time, whereas others like to watch and create with the instructor in “real” time. I am not a fan of timelapse tutorials. I like to see the process as it unfolds and create art as the instructor does it step-by-step. I find that I get lost in timelapse tutorials and get somewhat frustrated. Here at Mystic Spring Studios we want to nurture your creativity and help you learn art the way you learn best. What are your preferences? Do you like to watch a lesson that takes hours to create in a timelapse tutorial, or are you ok with watching a long lesson in real time?

~ Daria

Daria LaFave2 Comments