Who Is In Your Head?

I do not consider myself an artsy person. My tasks here at Mystic Spring Studios are more organizational and managing ones, and so I leave the creative ones to my dear friends Anne Marie and Margaret. When I create, I create in chunks. I am an organizer. An obsessive compulsive planner. I like things neat and geometrical. Yikes! These are not the words an artist wants to work with, right? Well… Here I am. Interestingly, I do want to learn and I do like to do things that turn out awesome. And out of all the things I have tried, Journaling really spoke to me. The process really fascinates me. I have watched many videos of artists creating journal pages, and everything looks so easy and so simple. Yet when I start working on a project, I tend to focus too much. Yes…there is such a thing as focusing too much – an artist would understand exactly what I mean here (and probably cringe at the idea). I tried a few things, and they did not work. Well…they did not turn out as artsy as I imagined them in my head, so I felt a bit defeated. The good news is – I do have an on-call in-house artist to turn to when it comes to journaling. If you have not yet seen her awesome pages, check out our Journaling Gallery for examples. My favorites are Metamorphosis and Gamberger. So I whined a little to her, and she Skyped me one night and said – “let’s journal. Get your stuff – let’s go.” And so we did. I won’t go into detail of how many times I had to get up from my couch to find an ink pad or a good color paint, or how many times I misplaced my paint brush. I will not spend too much time telling you about the interruptions caused by my puppy having an accident right in front of me, or my son waking up to ask for some water. What I do want to tell you about is that the end result was pretty awesome. I learned a lot about the differences between gesso and mod podge, about avoiding blocking and getting away from even numbers and flat edges, about pulling colors and placing objects. Yes, I messed up a few times too (you may not be able to tell, but I did – I promise). If there is one thing I learned about journaling from that session, it was that there is no such thing as a “ruined” page. Everything is fixable. But more importantly, the end result, when it is ready, is pretty fulfilling. So…without really intending this to be a lesson to myself, in the end, I created a page that truly addressed my main obstacle about being an artist – being free. I realized that the only person who was preventing me from being artsy was me. I was in my own head, and my goal for 2018 is to do my very best to get out of there. And with that, here is what I ended up with.

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