Do you want to try crafting without a commitment? We are happy to help you find your inspiration!

Below you will find some free videos to get you started. You will need to purchase a few affordable materials at your local craft store, and we will provide you with directions and inspiration. After you complete your project, we would love to hear your feedback. Please give us a shout out and share a photo of your art piece on our social media pages. We would also love it if you share your experiences with your friends and family. Let's nurture the artists within and around us!

Note: to access the videos and supply lists for any of the projects offered here for FREE, please click “Let’s Create” below the project you are interested in viewing. Once you complete your registration, you will receive a digital download with a supply list, a link to the video, and a password to access it. Please be sure to save the document to your computer, as the link expires after 24 hours. Have fun!

The Haunting of Halloween

To celebrate the ghoul season we created a fun Halloween trio-project. It includes a lantern, trick or treat box, and a Halloween card.

Resin Design

Create this beautiful Resin Design and use it in your mixed media projects or display as is.

Be True To Yourself: A Woodburning Project

Create a beautiful woodburning project Be True To Yourself to celebrate the holidays.

Cone Christmas Trees

Create three beautiful Cone Christmas Trees just in time for the holiday season.