Our Story

Fireflies. Crickets. The gentle push of the wind through the treetops. A coterie of VWs meandering up the mountain and around the town. The sweet amen of French toast and sausages in the morning and S’mores Crème Brûlée in the evening. There was meandering and discovery in the quaint and historic town. A tarot card reading. Crystal shopping. Hidden grottoes. And then the crafting held at night, the sharing of stories, of dreams and desires. It was at this gathering of friends in Eureka Springs, Arkansas that the idea of sharing art with new friends—you, to be exact—was born. It was there, in this little hamlet tucked into the Ozark mountains, that we decided that life had to be lived with art. Lived with women who sought a new energy for their lives, a deeper purpose from the lives they were living—a completeness, perhaps. And here we are, ready to walk with you along your creative pathway, on a journey to help you arrive at the place where your own sense of purpose, your own completeness resides. We are ready to share our ideas, our plans, and our creativity with you. It’s your turn now. Grow with us as we celebrate that first early connection and nurture the connections still yet to be made. It isn’t just serendipity, you know. This time is yours.


Anne Marie Fowler

Creative Director

Anne Marie has engaged in the creative arts for more than fifteen years and has earned terminal degrees in the humanities and the fine arts. She has studied polymer clay, beading, painting, jewelry design, and mixed media, and stays abreast of the most current developments in the arts and crafts markets. Her work has been successfully sold at juried markets in Illinois and she has been successful in creating and selling custom jewelry. Anne Marie’s responsibilities at Mystic Spring Studios are to envision creative options, create a strategy for branding, manage the many course offerings available, and to steer the design philosophy of the company. Her crafting style can best be described as a bit funky, full of ancestors, and serendipitous.


Daria S. LaFave

Director of Operations

Daria has had over fifteen years of experience in managing and leading projects and people. She has also worked for the Illinois EPA as an environmental education intern, solely responsible for planning, leading and executing annual inter-agency education conferences for local schools. Daria is passionate for organization and planning, and for ensuring smooth operations. With a terminal degree in communication, she loves working with people and creating fulfilling customer experiences, and looks forward to upholding the mission of Mystic Spring Studios in that capacity. She is responsible for operations management, special workshops planning, membership relationships and management of the website and social media. Her favorite art form is mixed media journaling, and she loves spending money on new art supplies.


Candice Fowler

Social Media (Bandito) Specialist

Candice started her artistic journey in the fifth grade when she arrived home one day and promptly announced to her parents that she would like to play the cello. She was a member of the Cheyenne Youth Symphony, the Austin Youth Orchestra, and the SIUE Youth Orchestra. She has won the Leonard Slatkin Award, and was a top performer in the Illinois Music Educator’s Association. As an adult, she is working on several music tracks and has provided background music for several Tai Chi performances. She also engages in the visual arts. Candice won a bookmark competition at the Cheyenne Library when she was in elementary school; has designed tattoos and logo components; and loves to paint, macrame, and bead. She also holds a brown belt in Karate Tech. As our Social Media (Bandito) Specialist, she administers all of our social media platforms and helps to develop marketing for events and projects.